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ICS Marketing Partner Laine Hoke

  • July 23,2018
  • by orlandobusines…

ICS Marketing Partner Laine Hoke

As we continue to focus on the Orlando market, Interior Contract Services is pleased to welcome Laine Hoke as head of the Marketing Team.

Laine comes to us by way of Atlanta, GA where she owns a digital marketing and PR firm, The Tortoise + Hare Marketing Group. With a background in studying customer lifecycles and more than five years in digital marketing, Laine brings a diverse set of skills to the ICS Team. Her passion for improving client’s experiences through personal relationships and digital marketing strategies has been vital to ICS’s efforts in expanding and enhancing ICS customer’s journey.

Laine will be handling all event planning and management, company branding, digital presence, as well as closely monitoring the customer service to make sure all experiences are held the the highest ICS standard.



Laine Hoke of The Tortoise + Hare Marketing Group


By orlandobusines…
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