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Orlando Office Furniture Desking
Orlando Office Furniture Desking
Orlando Office Furniture Desking
Orlando Office Furniture Desking
Orlando Office Furniture Desking
Orlando Office Furniture Desking


Interior Contract Services offers numerous lines of desking systems and desk for our Orlando businesses we serve. This includes several of Teknion desk and Teknion Desking system.  In addition, we work with several clients in Florida and throughout the United States and International to support their on-going projects using other office furniture lines.


upStage™ is a new design concept that elevates the lexicon of modern office furniture. upStage changes the way we create the spaces we work in. Based on a simple platform or “stage,” upStage frees users from the constraints of a benching frame or panel, allowing you to build along a horizontal or vertical plane to create layered worksurfaces and multi-story volumes. upStage is real furniture that can be mixed, stacked and moved around. 


Interpret™ is a contemporary desking system that works for virtually any person, any task, anywhere in the world. Our clients in Orlando love this product. Based on a core platform frame and concise set of reconfigurable components, Interpret allows you to make the office your own.

Height-Adjustable Bench

Infuse movement into your Orlando work space. The Height-Adjustable Bench provides each individual user the freedom to control their movement while working. Sit/stand height-adjustability allows users to frequently alternate their body posture throughout the work day. A wide product scope ensures seamless integration of height-adjustability into bench planning environments.


Inspired by the definitive patterns of the urban landscape, Expansion Cityline is based on the concept of planning for a workplace as diverse and dynamic as a modern city. Like the public and private places where resident dwellers work and play, Expansion Cityline offers a highly active setting that allows people to move, to gather and to disperse when privacy and focus is desired. With a unique beam framework and robust accessories program, Expansion Cityline creates workstations, collaborative spaces and mixed-use areas in which people can feel comfortable and empowered as they pursue individual and collective goals.

Expansion Desking

Designed to permit a creative approach to space planning, Expansion® Desking is a comprehensive line of freestanding furniture that creates space-efficient workstations. Expansion Desking uses the same collection of products to achieve varied applications, from open-plan collaborative configurations to private offices with a casegoods look, promoting integration of finishes and components and reducing overall inventory.


Marketplace™ reinvents the worktable, achieving an uninterrupted and unsupported span up to 20 feet that fosters creativity and collaboration in team-based Orlando office environments. Marketplace is a visually dramatic response for open collaborative workspaces including meeting, touch-down and team areas; as well as open plan spaces designed to accommodate multiple project teams.

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